HELLO Beautiful Souls my name is Natasha and I am the founder of IW Organics, embracing complete Mind + Body + Soul Wellness.


I have been a clinical Naturopath for the last 14 years however 4 years ago I had a spiritual awakening in Glastonbury Abby & this has led me on a very interesting and soul expansion journey which to this day I am still unravelling & still expanding on and because of this experience my vision now is to incorporate both the spiritual and therapeutic, the esoteric and science aspects into all that I do! 

I currently  have a collection of Wellness Organic Herbal teas for your mind, body & soul, which embody both the therapeutic and spiritual aspect of herbal wisdom along with a beautiful sensory experience. I am also really passionate about bringing ceremony and meditation back into tea drinking so keep an eye out for tea ceremony & sound healing events.

I currently offer my Naturopathic services out of Atlas Chiropractic Clinic in Woodvale and at my home clinic in Jindalee.

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