How many cups per day can I drink?

We recommend 1 to 3 cups per day of IW tea can be consumed you can also rebrew your tea up to 3 times. Our recommendation for the Sleep tea blend is to consume 1 – 2 cups 1 hour before bed.

Are IW teas blends caffeine free?

All our teas are caffeine free except Happy Mind tea blend as this contains Sencha Green tea which has approximately 20-30mg caffeine per cup.

Is IW Tea collections organic?

Yes all our tea is sourced from an organic supplier except for mugwort which is wildcrafted and sacred lotus.

IS IW tea suitable for vegans?

Currently all our teas are suitable for vegans

I'm pregnant is it safe for me to drink IW tea?

Our current collections we recommend not to consume in pregnancy or breastfeeding and if you have any concerns consult your health profession. We are planning in the future to bring out a pregnancy and breastfeeding collection.

Where is IW packed

In Western Australia personally by IW founders Natasha Norton infusing her love and herbal wisdom into every tea packed.

Tell me about the miron violet glass jar.

In ancient Egyptian civilization violet glass was used to for storage and for sacred belongings. The Miron violet glass acts as a natural filter only allowing sunlight that protects and improves the quality of what is held in the glass. It blocks the complete spectrum of visible light except the violet part. This process increases the potency, self-life and bioenergetics of the herbs.

I have allergies can I drink IW tea?

Some people have known allergies to flowers from the Asteraceae family. In the IW tea collections this includes Chamomile, Calendula, Echinacea & Dandelion. If you have any known allergies, sensitivities or concerns please consult your health professional. IW is not liable for any allergic reaction that may occur from drinking IW Tea.

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