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Mindfulness and Moments With Tea

I am so passionate about bringing mindfulness and moments back into tea drinking. There is so much ancient wisdom held within plants and much of this has been forgotten. Drinking herbal tea is about connecting to this ancient wisdom, connecting to the spiritual wisdom and connecting to the medicinal wisdom of herbs, & we can access this ancient wisdom through mindfulness tea drinking & tea meditation.

For me drinking tea is an experience in itself it's connecting to the moment, connecting to the here and now, connecting to the ancient wisdom held within me, connecting to the goddess within me, it's relaxing, it's peaceful, its healing & it's a meditative so much more.

What does tea drinking mean for you?

I would love to share with you the goddess tea meditation that you can do at home whilst drinking the goddess tea.


Bring your awareness to your breath and relax connecting to the energy of the goddess herbal tea, bring your awareness to the tea and take a deep breath in breathing in the beautiful floral aromas of the goddess tea and just notice if this brings up any emotions within you. Now look at the beautiful ruby red colour of the goddess tea, how does this make you feel? Bring the teacup to your mouth and slowly take a sip and just noticed the taste in your mouth, feel the tea run down the back of your throat and into your stomach, take another sip of the goddess tea and as it enters your body visualise thousands and thousands of years of Goddess wisdom entering into every single cell of your body.

As you continue to drink the tea I want you to connect with the following herbs & goddesses

Hibiscus: the goddess tea brings in the wisdom of the Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess of fearlessness and empowerment she who is fearless in the face of fear.

Rose petals: the goddess ISIS, brings in the wisdom of the mother, The Protector, magic & healing.

Lavender: the goddess Hecate, the triple goddess, she invokes our inner maiden, mother & crone aspects.

Tulsi: the Elixir of life The goddess Lakshmi brings in prosperity mind, body and soul well-being & wealth

Chamomile: associated with the Sun gods and brings forth divine masculine energy and balance this within us.

Now take a nice deep breath in and out and really feel the goddess essence within you.

All of this goddess wisdom is within you now

Enjoy beautiful Goddess

Much love

Natasha Norton x

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