A bright, uplifting, smooth Green tea with lemon notes. Blended with herbal wisdom for a clear, calm and focused mind. A pure cup of happiness

Happy Mind Tea

  • Sencha Green tea: (contains caffeine): Consumed for more than 4000 years Green tea has been widely publicised for its health benefits. A powerful antioxidant studies have shown green tea to reduce anxiety & depression, improve memory, attention and alertness, improve moods and protect the brain against cognitive decline.

    Ginkgo:  Named a living fossil as it has survived unchanged for approx.150 million years back when the dinosaur walked the earth. A potent antioxidant, studies have shown gingko to increase cerebral blood flow, improve concentration, memory and cognitive performance and reduce stress and anxiety. It also protects the brain from cognitive decline.

    Bacopa: Used for more than 3000 years in Ayurvedic medicine to improve memory, brain function and promote longevity. Studies have shown Bacopa to improve cognition particularly speed of attention as well as modulation of neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine & noradrenalin which reduces the chronic stress response and promotes GABA production, a calming neurotransmitter

    Lemon myrtle: An Australian native shrub used by the indigenous for both medicinal & cooking purposes. Known as the “queen” of lemon herbs it provides a fresh uplifting aroma of citrus to this tea blend and a beautiful refreshing lemon flavour.

    Jasmine Flowers: This beautiful delicate flower adds a sweet perfumed aroma to this tea blend. Typically infused with green tea, Jasmines aromatic influence aids in relaxing the mind and improving moods.

    Miron Violet Glass: To preserve the bioenergietics of the herbal ingredients. This is a forever use jar, please refill or repurpose.

    Refill Bag: Fully compostable, please remove sticker and place your refill bag in your compost.