Naturopathic Services

Mind, Body & Soul Wellness

Naturopathic Comprehensive Package

 $267 (save $50)

  • Includes 3 x consults:

  1.  Initial (An in-depth discussion into your health exploring all your systems functioning, personal health history, & history of family illness, dietary assessment and lifestyle habits.)

  2. Testing (zinc tally test, pH test, tongue & nail analysis, BP, case review & additional research)

  3. Report of Findings (A detail report and discussion of your health assessments and testings, short and long term recommentations and treatment plan)

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  • You save $50 when you purchase this package

Kids Naturopathic Essentials Package

$190 (Save $35)

Includes 2 x consults:

  • 1x Initial Consult (In-depth discussion into your childs health history, Zinc tally test, tongue & nail analysis, Case review & Additional research)

  • 1x Report of Findings Consult

Gut healing & Liver detox package

 From $389  (Save 10%)

(as Detox protocols are individualized prices may vary)

  • Includes:

  • 3 x consultations

  • 6 x supplements (herbal and nutritional)

  • 1 x Happy Gut or Happy Cleanse IW Tea

  • Handouts: Detox booklet, information sheets, meal planner, recipe ideas

DNA Wellness

$490 (save over $250)

The future of personalised medicine, unlock the wellness in your DNA

Includes 2 x consults:

  1. Initial DNA consult (DNA swab taken and an in-depth discussion into your health history. The well-being bundle focuses on 60 genetic variants including all available profiles)

  2. Report Of Findings (discussion and detailed report of your DNA results, treatment plan and other recommendations)